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News & Updates

News & Updates


Welcome to FreeNetworkStudy.com a learning environment for all network enthusiasts.


Whether you are just starting your journey down the network path or you are a networking veteran looking to expand your knowledge even more, FreeNetworkStudy.com is the place for you! 


Here you can find everything from theory courses created by top network experts, preparation exams, labs (with video solutions), and even a forum where you can ask question pertaining to anything networking.

You can even win prizes when participating in our monthly events! (See the events calendar)

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Our Courses

The courses provided here will help you on your way to understanding and master the different protocols, features, and functions that are used by network devices.

  • Learn the Protocols
  • Learn to Configure
  • Learn to Design
  • Learn to Study
  • Master Networking
  • Choose a Certification Program



Our Labs are designed to validate your problem analysis and Configuration skills. Here you will be assisted by our Experts in order to learn the configuration best practices.

  • Analyse the Requirements
  • Find a Solution
  • Configure Network Devices
  • Improve your troubleshooting skills
  • Dive deep into the protocols
  • Watch the Experts do it

Events Calendar

  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!

Top Experts

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